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Brian Redfern

The Start of Covid


Having been thrown out of work found myself home watching that very stable genius downplay the disaster pretnding somehow positive thinking alone could work by a miracle to disperse the plaugue.

Its possible it is an exaggerated threat or its possible its not until it hits its a guessing game of terror.

The silence in the streets is a testament to how little people trust the powers that be. The stores empty out but people will have to keep showing up for work.

While schools have been closed there has been no order to work remote, only some companies such as Google and Amazon have asked IT staff to work remote.

However other staff in other companies cannot do their work remote it has to be done onsite.

Hopefully the news is being at least somewhat truthful and most working people are not at risk.

Ultimately most business isn’t willing to lose 2 weeks to prevent mass illness. However you may see labor walkouts if you see deaths from this and it turns out to be wors than the news had promised.

You see people clearing out the entire inventory at markets if things get too bad it won’t be safe to go to the market.

The we hear Genesis P-orridge passed away and wondering whether its related, certainly people currently battling cancer would be prone to any illness.

But more on Genesis for that art’s own tribute.

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