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Its estimated that unemployment in Los Angeles is over 80%. Yet the powers that be can only pay themselves billions of our money to create a crappy website telling people to “go find something new.” Excuse me when there are between 20-80 million who need a job and none available what is there to find?

Somehow they assume that having been given a 60% cut in their income suddenly jobs will magically present themselves to all those laid off and the economy will instantly recover.

They assume the lack of jobs is due to people refusing to work rather than employers refusing to hire. How is it so many intelligent people in the US live in poverty while a wealthy elite can barely rub 2 brain cells together to save their collective lives?

In a sense the wealthy have managed to reverse the process of evolution where in the US the least fit are the most successful. Any error in judgement on their part is bailed out by the government with billions or even trillions in “free money” for those about to lose their shirt for their own poor judgement.

The combined systems of unfair taxation and the indentured servitude program behind higher education have create a perfect storm of poverty.

As a society we decided that work is worthless and the lives of working people are also completely without value. The powers that be are hard at work to “reform” lawsuits to shield the wealthy owners of people from any sort of liability from violating the safety and health of their workers and customers.

At the same time that the vast majority of Americans in large cities are being severely thrown under a bus both parties are still spending trillions on the so called “defense industry.”

When you allow almost 200,000 people to die in a short amount of time due to sheer complacency what is the point of continuing to spend all the available resources on police and soldiers who ultimately kill our own people.

We are one of the few countries in the world where are own people are considered the enemy of the state and the state has very few friends, they consider perhaps only 1⁄2 of 1% of the country to be “real Americans.”

There seems to be nothing we can do, it seems to be inevitable that we will have a dictatorship and slavery for 99.99% of the population here using technology to exert absolute control over everyone at all times, even in our dreams.

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