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Genesis Passing


Goodbye to a genius

Back in 2017 I was able to see one of her last Psychic TV shows. Compared to say the Rolling Stones it was a small venue but the music was amazing and the light show and video.

Now she’s gone, cancer taken her in the end.

Ultimately all of us have a beginnging and end to a particular incarnation.

We don’t know how many will fall to this pandemic for example.

Now we don’t even know what will happen to music going forward.

Bands and artists made their living off lives shows.

When they get too sick like Genesis did they no longer have that income coming in and often have to live off the largess of fans.

Its sad that all people whether they’re senators or artists have access to healthcare.

But at the same time we all have a start and end to our incarnations barring the Singularity and some kind of brain dump into a machine.

But could such a “Singularity” be a fate worse than death?

Its hard to begin to describe the cultural impact of this artist and writer.

Her Topy Bible is a good starting point.

She also has an artist page on Spotify.

So it Begins.

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