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On the one hand being severed from healthcare access to punish me for being 50+ is some brutal pain, its not easy to find work until I can complete my certifications for the medical field.

There is a massive shortage of nurses, but it takes years to create more nurses while at the same time the pandemic is not over its mutating in potentially dangerous ways.

War actually makes a great petri dish for pandemic to enable super mutation in warzones.

The planet will die if we cannot stop fighting and do something about climate that is substantial when mostly we have been making symbolic change.

However as we change we need a new policy, right now a human life is worth about $13.

The irony of the US laws on abortion is that here we say we treasure the foetus but as soon as its born the powers that be are fine for it to be starved to death within days of birth.

Right now when Ai takes away your entire career the Government has no help to offer, not even foodstamps, although with 95% cuts to food stamps it would seem 99.9% of people are being tagged for extintion.

The risk isn't Ai getting out of control. The risk is that under US culture if a corporation doesn't want you, you can either starve to death or wind up in prison.

Ai is already being used to wipe out entire categories of work. The Fed claims the labor market has never been tighter, but this is either a lie or a total failure on their part. I think its total failure - they cannot tell the difference between an Ai generated ad that is a fraud designed to steal personal information with an actual legit job ad.

These days as a job seeker its best to stick to applying to jobs listed directly on company websites. Job scams abound.

The unfortunate reality is that not only have we not recovered from the pandemic, the pandemic hasn't actually ended.

The drive to put "butts in seats" is costing a great deal in terms of causing even worse air quality issues.

Most people cannot conceptualize logarithmic phenomena, they think this warming is simply linear, that enough carbon credits can create the PR needed to keep people from worrying.

But just like you cannot wish away a virus PR does nothing to insure the security of the food supply.

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