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Brian Redfern

The Song of Birds


Staying in place is easy for a writer, its our natural inclination not to go out.

Its a strange world where suddenly Howard Hughs is a major role model but its a real thing.

But more about that in a music review.

For now we sit here waiting to hear of my dad’s passing, my mom completely torutured but what can one do?

We never know how long we have here, my friend lost his son and nephew to a car accident they were only 14. In many ways we make this place a lot more dangerous than it has to be in order for a few to benefit.

Here we can hardly stand a medical emergency yet the powers that be still seek war and confrontation. When can we have peace and cooperation with a focus on happiness, kindness and compassion?

Now I just focus on two things, what can I do to help and what can I learn while I have a lot of time to sit and read.

Try to clear my mind and make every action a meditation. While I’m completely freaked out of course but its important to acknowledge the fear give it its due but then put it away.

This is a great time to study online we have many great resources, I always like to point out khan academy because they’re free and open to anyone.

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