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Steal Your Face


Steal Your Face

What are some of the issues that are driving the current writer and actor's strikes?

AI is developing far faster than people like Biden can realise. Since the issues created by AI largely do not effect the class of retired people represented by Washington nothing is being done.

When you lose your job to AI if you are over 50 they can deny you food stamps until you can find another job, which could literally starve people to death.

The studios claim once they shoot an actor their image is their forever and they want to see the residuals given out dropped to nearly nothing.

The killer thing with AI is they can take an actor who's done 5 films and use the film material from past work to then generate new works in the future with 0 compensation for the actor impacted.

In some countries this impact could be negligable but in the US where all resources are setup as a vicious fight to the death for crumbs from the table the result will be people being starved to death because there is no more work they can do.

The republicans would love to end medicare, medicaid, end all healthcare for working people so they can save more money to "party."

Human life at one point was about 1 million dollars - worth less than most homes but worth something.

With the rise of AI human life drops down to a worth of around $14.

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