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Brian Redfern

Waiting for the Tsumani


The old cliche comes to mind - the calm before the storm.

People get impatient and want to see their friends but its the worst time to go out.

For trees to survive a fire there simply has to be enough space between them.

Some employers are allowing workers to work remote however the majority hold onto the outdated notion that remote work is ineffective and only “butts in seats” mean people are working.

Elon Musk underestimates the danger just because you are good at making money it doesn’t make one a medical expert.

However often CEOs believe that their monetary skills somehow translate to every other area of life, including medical decisions.

That’s why this so called relief package has no paid medical leave for working people. No extended unemployment for those who just lost jobs that took them 6 months to find.

A large portion of the population are being forced to work onsite despite the danger. But for the CEO these people are absolutely disposible. They can always find more where they came from.

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