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Brian Redfern

Welcome to my Site

Hi there, my name is Brian, I have been making art since 1974, making music since 1986 and working with web/ui design, LAMP stacks, MERN stacks, Nextsjs, Python/Django/Postgres, linux and SEO since 1995. My first major job was in 1998 as a designer on the pro-IPO team at Geocities.

I had my first poem publshed in an academic journal when I was 15 years old. I got my MFA in writing in 1998. However I focus on poetry though today I am getting encouraged to work on long form.

I am also a jazz guitarist and play bass, oud, clarinet, soprano sax, flutes and percussion. I have performed live with different jazz and rock groups since 1988.

I use no external dependencies for this blog. I do use Zola. I also work with plain js using the native browser apis like shadow dom and custom elements.

When it comes to marketing sites, its hard to beat zola, along with css3 to make a modern and super performant site based upon strict adherance to web standards.

Contact Me

Just want to say hi or need help with seo, design and writing or code drop me a line.